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"The Chaplain"

A guide to healing, hospitality and humor

The Chaplain takes you through the ups and downs of a young woman who is trying to finish seminary, supervise teenage girls at a group home and complete a chaplain internship - all at the same time. The music and the message of the show revolve around 10 healing principles learned by the chaplain through her varied encounters with people in the hospital. Each encounter and lesson is delivered in a unique musical and theatrical voice - from gospel and blues, to upbeat jazz and classic Broadway style.

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The Chaplain - casting and other information

The Chaplain lends itself easily to a theater stage or a church platform. Settings include a hospital chaplain's office, patient's room, hospital cafeteria, living room, emergency room and hospital lobby. The play requires an intergenerational cast of 25 or more.

Casting/Vocal Requirements


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