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"Forever Love"

An uplifting musical based on Hosea

Based on the Book of Hosea, Forever Love is an upbeat, uplifting new millenium musical. Sal Verity is a news magazine anchor who has orchestrated an investigation of a high class escort service. During his investigation, Sal hears the voice of God telling him to fall in love with a woman named Scarlet. Scarlet, however, is one of the objects of Sal's investigation. Embroiled in conflict, Sal discovers the truth about himself and the power of God's love. In the end, Sal and Scarlet deliver God's message of divine truth and love to everyone.

To hear a musical sample from this play please click on I Love You, or Hungry for Your Love. Sample songs from any of the other musicals can be heard by going to the Sample Music page and clicking on the appropriate song selection. Note: these files are large and, unless you have a high-spreed connection, may require significant time to download and play.


Forever Love - casting and other information

Forever Love can be produced with a cast of 25 or more in a simple stage that can accommodate a number of settings, a television studio office, a restaurant, a park, a bedroom and a ballroom.

Casting/Vocal Requirements


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