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"Found and Forgiven"

Story of The Prodigal Son retold.

The timeless message of love and forgiveness comes to life in contemporary fashion through this musical retelling of the Story of The Prodigal Son. A family-owned construction company is brought to a point of crisis when a young son chooses to leave the family business. The perspectives of a loyal secretary, an underestimated older sister and a wise and loving mother help spice up the drama with feminine passion. The lure of easy money at the Equal Opportunity Casino is starkly contrasted with the reality of homelessness. Filled with humor and dramatic pizzazz, Found and Forgiven is a musical that challenges its audience to take another look at the Story of The Prodigal Son and to consider anew the power of forgiveness.

To hear a musical sample from this play please click on If You Want the Voice of Freedom or My Son is Gone/I Only Wish. Sample songs from any of the other musicals can be heard by going to the Sample Music page and clicking on the appropriate song selection. Note: these files are large and, unless you have a high-speed connection, may require significant time to download and play.


Found and Forgiven - casting and other information

Found and Forgiven can be produced in a simple stage setting with three basic scenes: construction office, a gambling casino and a homeless site, with an intergenerational cast of 25 or more.

Casting/Vocal Requirements


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