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"A Star for Freedom"

A musical retelling of the story of Esther

Based on the Book of Esther, A Star for Freedom is the story of an inner-city orphan girl who sings her way into the heart of a powerful corporate mogul. In the process, Star is able to save her people from the threat of toxic waste. Guardian angels guide Star through her mission of faith. Full of romance and suspense, and punctuated with comic relief, A Star for Freedom is a musical that will inspire people of all ages and musical tastes.

To hear a musical sample from this play please click on This is My Prayer or I Give My Hand, I Give My Heart. Sample songs from any of the other musicals can be heard by going to the Sample Music page and clicking on the appropriate song selection. Note: these files are large and, unless you have a high-spreed connection, may require significant time to download and play.


A Star for Freedom - casting and other information

A Star for Freedom can be produced by an intergenerational cast of 25 or more in a simple stage setting that can accommodate a number of scene changes: a corporate office, a street scene, an expensive home and an entertainment hall.

Casting/Vocal Requirements


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