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"The Trial of Job"

Follows the Biblical account of Job.

The Trial of Job includes 20 original songs (lyrics, music and orchestration). Set in a modern day courtroom, The Trial of Job follows the Biblical account of Job with poetic license, dashes of humor and contemporary flair. Prosecutor Lucifer Lex and Defense Attorney Al Mighty have stipulated to a musical rendition of the Biblical Story of Job. Job, his wife, children and friends are summoned to testify. The testimony is presented in a variety of musical styles, from classical to jazz. The role of the jury, the audience in this case, is to examine the nature and power of Faith in the midst of suffering and, in the end, to decide whether or not Faith wins out in The Trial of Job. Indeed, this deliberation may take a lifetime!

To hear a musical sample from this play please click on Blessed Be the Name of the Lord or You're Only Human. Sample songs from any of the other musicals can be heard by going to the Sample Music page and clicking on the appropriate song selection. Note: these files are large and, unless you have a high-spreed connection, may require significant time to download and play.


The Trial of Job - casting and other information

The Trial of Job can be performed in concert style or as a theatrical piece. Using a big chorus as the courtroom audience, the following 23 roles present the drama.

Casting/Vocal Requirements


All music, lyrics and libretto are protected by Copyright and, except as noted, are the property of:
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